ECA 50

The ECA 50 is the perfect 50” fan for high airflow and high static pressure without it having to consume high energy. It is proven to be energy efficient. The one of a kind fan configuration is self cleaning and very efficient. The cone helps the release of air reach its maximum capabilities. The 6-blade propeller is design to minimize noise and vibration.


Butterfly shutter type mechanism

As the name suggests, butterfly wing shutter type is the designed used for shutting the fan opening firmly when not in use to ensure no dust, dirt, insects, etc. will be able to enter the building. The design is great for use as it requires little maintenance. Our fans are easy to install and can be set-up immediately for use in the farm. Our priority is not just to ensure maximum efficiency of airflow but also the safety of the farm owner or manager that is why there are added protection screen at the front and back of the fan body to ensure the safety of the owner or manager of the farm from accidental contact. Made from stainless steel, the 6-blade propeller is optimal in maintaining airflow inside the building. Paired with motor, it can deliver air speeds exceeding the industry standard.